Preventative Care

There is an age old saying that says, "Prevention is better than cure!"

Regarding one's health, early detection or even the prevention of medical conditions is of the utmost importance.

Only a few of us know that most of the open medical schemes pay for these tests out of your risk benefit and not your savings.

Tests that are covered include:

  • Screening tests for cholesterol and blood sugar, prostate and HIV/Aids tests, as well as mammograms and pap smears.
  • Vaccinations for flu and standard child vaccinations.
  • Get TESTED today!

    Below is a list of open medical schemes that will cover preventative care tests. (Please note not all schemes pay for the same tests and also not on all options, so be sure to find out what your medical scheme covers.)

    • BESTmed
    • Medihelp
    • Resolution Health
    • Discovery
    • Momentum
    • Spectramed
    • Keyhealth
    • Nimas
    • Topmed
    • Liberty
    • Profmed

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