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BUPA International Medical Travel Insurance

BUPA (Best International Private Medical Insurance Provider for the 8th time) now have an office in South Africa.

Give your client the opportunity to become part of the rapidly growing BUPA International Family of over 10 million members worldwide.

Take full advantage of the fantastic benefits below:

  • Clients have worldwide choice of single room in any hospitals or clinic at 100% of costs covered.
  • Easy to sell and understand at very competitive premiums.
  • Brokers & clients can experience 24-hour access to multi-lingual, medically trained staff and access to an online web chat facility.

With ihi travel insurance and Bupa International we can provide a solution for all your needs, from covering short travel trips to a plan that gives you complete comprehensive worldwide coverage for the long term.

If you are interested in offering this groundbreaking international healthcare product to your clients, please contact:

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